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9 Hammersmith Drive Wigram
New Zealand

+64 3 343 2226

As the benchmark for premium menswear, Cutler & Co has provided effortless urban sophistication, style, and quality for over a decade.


No Excess

No Excess designs contemporary casuals for the confident man with a keen sense of style. Modern uncomplicated qualitative garments distinguished by a subtle richness in detailing.


The No Excess story began in 1988 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Inspired by the relaxed, open and down to earth Amsterdam culture, Roel de Veer set out to develop a collection of men’s clothing that captured the spirit of his hometown; a collection of garments that combined a confident, effortless style with the laid back Dutch attitude. No Excess was born.

After an initial focus on knitwear and shirts, No Excess developed into a fully-fledged men’s fashion brand, with seven product groups and an extensive range of accessories. However, two things remained the same: the focus on detailing and an extraordinary price/quality ratio.

As a rule, the clothing is distinct and there are a number of comfortable, functional and yet very fashionable articles. In addition to the four main collections, the brand also includes a number of flash collections which are a response to the latest demands and fashion.

No Excess is currently sold in more than 20 countries worldwide, with more than 1,500 sales points and numerous shop-in-shops in Europe.

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